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Your Haven for Healing 
AUTUMN DATES:  9th Oct -17th December (inclusive at a time that suits you) 

So much more than 1:1 yoga, (in fact, there may be no yoga on the mat at all), this bespoke programme is co-created using therapeutic and somatic-based yoga and embodiment coaching blended with positive psychology coaching to support you in living a more fulfilled, healthy and happy life.

Specifically designed to support healing from trauma, anxiety or depression, Cocoon is well-woman and trauma-informed, seasonal and lunar based - we work intuitively from your soul’s code and from a place of curiosity, non-judgement, support and openness.  As a qualified embodiment coach and senior yoga teacher, I am trained in various therapeutic yoga techniques; with a  wealth of expertise to call upon to support you in your life and journey. 

Who is Cocoon For? 

Join me in your Cocoon if you…​

  • Are healing from trauma, suffering with anxiety or depression, having a busy or challenging time and want the support of embodiment coaching in a safe and supportive space. 

  • Are you looking to improve and want to fine-tune or deep-dive into aspects of your life.

  • Want a personalised and bespoke approach to your personal healing journey. 

  • Want to explore how embodiment coaching can support your wellbeing.


What is Included? 

10 x 1:1 live 90-minute yoga therapy and embodiment session - a blend of holistic modalities to support your journey to rise. Specifically designed to support the release of trauma in whichever way it is presenting, each session is completely different, just like my clients!

12 x 60 minute recorded Yoga Therapy for Anxiety Course designed to alleviate and teach yoga therapy techniques to soothe and support anxiety. 

Full access to the Flourish membership library, specially designed to support women's wellbeing. A 3 month membership that blends yoga in all forms - mindful, lunar and yin based practices to strengthen, restore and revitalise.

Full access to me via Voxer (walkie-talkie app) meaning we can tackle those moments together as they happen, in real life. I will also send you helpful & supportive links, practices and rituals to support your journey. 

6 months access from any device to the video library of all programmes and all classes in the archives.



Becoming “unstuck” in typical patterns of thinking, being, holding and experiencing life


Releasing trauma held in the body and creating connection to The Real You


Increased knowledge in dealing with anxiety, depression and/or the impact of trauma


Improved overall sense of wellbeing, mental and physical health 


Improved mood, outlook and clear patterns of thinking & doing

- Introductory Special Price -

Get £225 Off

heal from within

No two sessions will be the same, and each time we meet, the container will hold us as we meet what is rising up for you at that moment and make use of a broad range of tools designed to support, soothe, connect, release, get “unstuck” and to ultimately move forward. Specifically designed to work with trauma, anxiety and/or worry, what will always be consistent is the compassion, care, attention, space and non-judgement that awaits. The cocoon has been designed to hold and allow your transformation back to yourself. 

Sessions are booked at a convenient time to suit you weekly, and between our sessions you have a full library of yoga, resources and walkie-talkie app support available. 

Just Book Your Cocoon Plan and once payment has been arranged you can gain access to book your 1:1 appointments at a time that works for you. 

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