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Italian Yoga Retreats

Casale San Pietro

I currently teach multiple yoga retreats each year in Italy at the beautiful Casale San Pietro, outside of Rome. Set in 8 acres of olive groves, guests describe these retreats as utter tranquility. We practise daily morning and evening yoga and meditation. Daytime is free to relax, enjoy the pool or treatments, or go for mini adventures. Come join us! All levels are welcome and its a guaranteed slice of heaven on earth!

Women's Transformational Retreats

Turn the Page and Find Balance

During the pandemic we designed and birthed Evolveray, a transformational retreat experience with a twist. The first women's retreat launched on International Women's Day 2022, 8th March. We supported our Collective of kindred women to re-imagine their lives, and turn the page on their next chapter. The Testimonials for our kindred collective speaks for themselves.....

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Nina is an excellent Yoga teacher for so many reasons, she is passionate, she is professional, she is knowledgeable and her pupils always come first .  Nina introduced me to Yoga, her style and knowledge and her ability to make her classes personal has turned me into a true yogi, Nina has also taught me how to meditate, which was something I thought I couldn't do!  But with her wonderful accent and her guided meditation, I now meditate regularly.  During this difficult year and lockdown Nina’s mindful yoga classes and meditation have been a huge help to keep me positive, energised and thankful.  

I also work with Nina. She runs our Yoga retreats in Italy.  She is a joy to work with.  I couldn’t imagine working with any other teacher.  She is a perfect brand fit because she always goes the extra mile.  She has a wonderful energy. She is always positive and extremely calming.   85% of our Yogis on the retreat return year after year.


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